Complaints Policy

1 Introduction

1.1 Overview

The New Synergy Specialists (hereinafter referred to as “TNSS”) is committed to providing quality training and examination services for its customers. TNSS utilizes the information received from feedback forms provided to all course and exam attendees in bringing about improvements and enhancing efficiencies.

1.2 Purpose

The TNSS complaints policy aims to ensure that all complaints are handled fairly, consistently and wherever possible resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction.

2 Complaints management

2.1 Definition of a complaint

TNSS defines a complaint as any expression of dissatisfaction that relates to TNSS (including staff members or course/exam materials) and that requires a formal response.

2.2 General complaint handling principles
  • All complaints received must be treated; no complaint shall be ignored, suppressed or rejected by any staff or unit.
  • Customers will not be charged any fee as a result of making a complaint.
  • A up-to-date complaints management portal or register must be maintained
  • All complaint information will be handled sensitively, telling only those who need to know and following any relevant data protection requirements
  • Adequate and accessible complaints channels should be in place to accommodate feedback from customers.
  • A complaint will be regarded as resolved and closed upon receipt of acknowledgement/confirmation from the client of his satisfaction with the resolution of the complaint.
  • However, where no feedback is received from the client within a period of 15 days from the date of communication to the client of the resolution of a complaint, such complaint may also be deemed to be closed. Customer Complaints Management Policy Effective Date: 01/08/2015
  • Follow-up procedures should be in place to determine and analyse the root cause of any complaint in order to accurately assess corrective action required.

2.3 Complaints process

2.3.1 Informal Complaint Procedure:

TNSS recognizes that many concerns will be raised informally but will still need to be dealt with quickly. However if concerns cannot be satisfactorily resolved informally then the formal complaints procedure should be followed

2.3.2 Formal Complaint Procedure Stage 1

If concerns cannot be satisfactorily resolved informally, the next stage should be initiated via:

Website: complaint forms available at

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Letter: The Registrar, The New Synergy Specialists, Nigeria Law Publication House Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos.

All complaints received from customers should contain all essential details relating to the customer and the complaint such as:

  • Name of the complainant
  • Date of the complaint
  • Contact details of the complainant
  • Summary of the complaints with necessary details AND supporting documents
  • Comments as to the consequences for the complainant and the remedies being sought

Complaints will be acknowledged within 3 working days of receipt

A response will be sent within 15 working days bearing either a conclusion or a further update depending on the severity of the complaint

2.3.3 Formal Complaint Procedure Stage 2

If response received from Stage 1 is unsatisfactory then a letter/email should be sent within 10 days of receipt, to the Managing Director, TNSS stating the reason for dissatisfaction with the outcome.

The MD (or delegate) will respond to the complaint within 10 working days informing the complainant of the action to be taken in investigating the complaint and timelines for final resolution. The outcome will be the final decision by TNSS Customer Complaints Management Policy Effective Date: 01/08/2015

2.4 Retention of complaints records

All records and supporting documents must be maintained for a minimum period of six (6) years from the date of logging the complaint whether or not the complaint has been resolved.

A summary of the complaints register shall be reviewed by the Board of Directors every quarter.

3 Roles and responsibilities

3.1 TNSS's responsibility will be to:
  • acknowledge any formal complaint received in writing within 3 working days
  • respond within a stated period of time of 15 working days with either a conclusion or a further update depending on the severity of the complaint
  • deal reasonably and sensitively with the complainant
  • take action where appropriate, including any corrective action necessary to prevent recurrence
3.2 A complainant's responsibility is to:
  • bring their complaint, in writing, to TNSS's attention within 7 working days of the issue arising or 7 working days after completion of the course/examination
  • explain the problem as clearly and as fully as possible with your expected outcome
  • allow TNSS a reasonable time to deal with the matter
  • recognise that some circumstances may be beyond TNSS's control